Amazing Melissa Bee

Bees nurture, honor and celebrate life.

The wonderful and musical audio book is now available through Audible!

Click here: The Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee audio production

Presentating Amazing Melissa Bee at Vroman's Bookstore


Playdate at Books and Cookies LA, Santa Monica, CA

Aimée offers a sing-hum-and-drum along, 

with Amazing Melissa Bee story time for the little ones, and bee crafts as well~


Orange County Children's Book Festival


Book Release Celebrations

Thank you to everyone that came out to our Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee book release party! There were so many lovely and inspiring people. We are very grateful to share with such beautiful souls. Thank you to everyone who gave their time and energy to help out and keep things running. We are beyond grateful for your help. The amazing Al Wadi graced us with middle eastern rhythms and belly dancing into the evening. Such a wonderful time, thank you to everyone. We are so happy to have our book out in the world and blessed to have a beautiful launch.

       The Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee and 

Beloved Press are Copyright Aimée Lissantheia

All illustrations Copyright Tim Lukowiak