Amazing Melissa Bee

Bees nurture, honor and celebrate life.


As a gold medal award winner in the "Children's Educational" category of the Best Book Awards, we are especially excited to envision a copy of The Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee in all schools and libraries, for the highest good of all.

We are honored to make personal visits for story playtime and share our love of the bees and the garden through story, song, drumming, humming and bee inspired activities. As we worked with three master bee keepers in the creation of the book, we verified the content about the life of the bee is factual and so a reading of the adventurous story is both educating and entertaining.

We’ve tailored our presentations to be appropriate in content and length for grades K-1, 2-3 and 4-6.

Our story / playtime classroom visit fees are waived with a pre-sale or school purchase of 20 books.

We do not charge travel fees for schools within a 20-mile radius of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Travel fees may apply for visits to schools outside of the Los Angeles area.

We are always willing to work with schools to make our visits as cost-effective as possible. Please contact us if you would like us to coordinate a visit to meet your school's needs and budget.

To coordinate, please contact Aimée Lissantheia at 310-544-7951


Reviews from teachers and parents:

‘Lovely in every way. A fantastic intro. for a young child into the world of bees. The illustrations are glorious too.’
Primary school teacher, aged 47

‘Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL!’
Parent, aged 30

‘This is a very cleverly written book. Not only is it a wonderfully warm story, it is also a ‘hive’ of bee facts which are interwoven into the story. I would recommend this to any parent particularly as bees are so important to gardens.’
Teacher, aged 29

‘This book is honey-sweet in every way! The illustrations are almost magical, and the children in my class enjoyed them very much. They also like the part at the end where there was help on how to create a Bee-friendly garden. The best picture book in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards this year.’
Primary Teacher, aged 28

‘There’s bee facts, fun characters, colourful drawings, and a heart-warming story. The perfect picture book.’
Parent, aged 36

       The Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee and 

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All illustrations Copyright Tim Lukowiak