Amazing Melissa Bee

Bees nurture, honor and celebrate life.

I love the whole story!  This book captures the deeply spiritual pollinator journey, not unlike a Hero's journey in the scope of Archetype, but capturing instead the Divine Feminine Journey of self-discovery through service and communion. This work deftly integrate(s) the Science of the bee's life-cycle and imbue(s) it with the sweet mystery of Goddess principles. I see great applications with this work and will definitely include it in my College's required texts!
    •    Laura Bee Ferguson, Director, College of the Melissae, Ashland, Oregon,


“Welcome to the magical world of bees. Learning, discovering and exploring the depth and the heart and soul of what it is to be in their world, understand their world, and learn from their world, from love. Aimée does a beautiful job of portraying this amazing world with the sweetness of her songs, the warmth of her heart and the play within her soul, as you glide and dance in this beautiful array of words and songs and imagery, that takes you into a place beyond this world, a place deep within the joy of wonder, imagination and love.”
-    Stacey Hentschel, Quantum Integrations,


       The Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee and 

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